How to earn points for free ?

Points are use to send visitors, traffic or hits to your links and websites. To earn points free or to earn free points, you have to login to your 8KHits account. Once login:

  1. Click at your right side to Traffic Exchange below to your username and email address.
  2. Download your computer System software by clicking to “Download Software“. (In my case, i download Windows software because i am using Windows.)
  3. Install it.
  4. Once instaled, come back to your account and follow n° 1 again.
  5. Click to +Add new session (according to your account membership and level, you can add sessions as you want, and according to number of computer you own, you can run multiple sessions. More you have sessions running, more  earn a lot of points for free.)
  6. Now click to Start session. System will start automaticaly the software you have installed, login to your account, and open browser.
  7. Finaly, click in software window “Start” to start browsing. Keep the bot running, and start genrating points.

Note: If you want, you can convert your points to Cash and withdraw to your paypal account. Points earning ratio depend to your memberhip level: from free account (60%) to premium account (100%).


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